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Quick pitch

So there's this abandoned mall. Next to it is a small clinic. Across the street is a park surrounded by deep woods and a large hotel. The mall closed down in 1990, according to legends, because of a rash of blunt force trauma murders that occurred there shortly before it's closing. 13 years later the vacant mall is occupied by a one-day Halloween haunted house. The haunted house is essentially the street along which the above listed locations are located as they appeared in 1990. And you're trapped there. The only way to escape is if someone solves the murders. The catch is it might require living them. And if you guess the wrong person, the penalty is death.
The story revolves around several small groups that join together to try to escape. Jamie and Scott are best friends who attend a college. They are 21. Henry is sort of a loner. He's 17. Rachel, 10 is attending with her older brother, Lucas, 16. And then there's Pete, 14.
Okay, that's all. One last thing: I'm thirteen years old. (Shocker!)

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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