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Bob, a 35 year old divorced man is a lonely father of two. He lives alongside his children that are 7 and 10 years of age. Their names are Max and Evan. Bob begins to find himself away from home quite a bit when he spends time he should be spending with his children looking for a new love.

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olbeyer19 edited an action in "Int. Kitchen-Morning" two years ago. olbeyer19 made 17 other changes. more
Bob smiles at the sight of his children. He is in a good mood this morning. The children don't seem to think anything of it. Bob serves the children breakfast while making small talk with them.
olbeyer19 added a slugline in "Int. Living room-Afternoon" two years ago. olbeyer19 made 23 other changes. more
INT. max and evan are sitting on the couch in the living room when their father confronts them and talks to them about the SOPHIA situation, in the ears of the children, its god news.
olbeyer19 added an action in "Int. Grandma's house-Early night." two years ago. olbeyer19 made 49 other changes. more
Bob, who is clearly irritated, gets up and leaves the room.
olbeyer19 deleted an action in "Int. Grandma's house-Early night" two years ago. olbeyer19 made 32 other changes. more
Sophia and Rose continue to have a "fake friendly" conversation as Bob leaves the room to wake up Evan and Max.
olbeyer19 added an action in "Ext. Grandma's house-Late afternoon" two years ago. olbeyer19 made 33 other changes. more
Max and Evan are sitting on the floor in front of the television in their grandmother's living room.

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