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Claude thinks you should go to the hospital.
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Outside their elegant stone house, tall windows, granite balconies, and recessed entrances, on a residential street. It's sunny and quiet. The family: Doctor Weisfeld, his wife and sister, a mid-twenties Aaron Weisfeld and his wife plus Freida with a large black cat are loading into a large Daimler parked in front of the house.
arlothompson edited dialogue in "Weisfeld's passing" on 02/14/2014. arlothompson made 60 other changes. more
Young Weisfeld
No one was hurt today but you'd think there would be a better way to ingratiate themselves in a new country than air raids.
arlothompson edited dialogue in "Bottle Collecting / Al Introduction" on 02/12/2014. arlothompson made 4 other changes. more
About them being your bottles. I just thought, I just--
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