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RATS edited an action in "Flashforward" on 09/15/2008. RATS made 85 other changes. more
(Detective Brown, thinking Nate is about to kill Ebony; shoots him in the heart. {Gunshot sounds}. Nate falls to the floor{song Hallelujah by Imogen Heap starts to play}; Ebony runs to Trey and sobs on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her and looks up at Detective Brown. He starts across the room with murder in his eyes. Trey goes to king hit detective. Just in time, the Policewoman from the other side of the room shoots Trey in the back. Trey; stopped in his tracks, looks down at the blood beginning to ooze from his chest. He half turns before falling heavily to the ground. Ebony collapses in tears over his body. Detective and policewoman stand frozen in shock. Song fades out slowly. Lights slowly dim to darkness in frozen scene.)
RATS inserted an action in "Flashforward" on 09/14/2008. RATS made 19 other changes. more
Schoolyard: Out in front of ANZAC early in the morning before school. (Photo of setting projected onto back screen). Eunice is sitting down on a seat outside then gets up quickly to go to the toilet; leaving her bag on the ground. Trey and Nate start to spray-paint the wall. Ms Matthews is walking across from main campus reading papers in her hand. Trey and Nate see her and decide to run for it. Ms Matthews walks into ANZAC just in time to see Eunice picking up her bag and then a paint can rolling out. She then sees the graffiti now on the wall of ANZAC.
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the end
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your coming with me young lady
RATS added an action in "This is your first scene." on 09/08/2008. RATS made 45 other changes. more
detective looks over ratty girls diary and sees the same tag as on the wall

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