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Todd gets up from couch to get ice for his soda. He fills up his cup at the kitchen. On the way back he slips on a loose ICE CUBE and CRASHES HEAD FIRST into the TV.
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BLACKOUT It is pitch black. A voice comes across. HILL As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to work at a video store. To me, working at a video store was better than being President of the United States. Even before A.V. Club in high school, I knew I wanted to be a part of them. It was there that I knew that I belonged. It meant being somebody in a neighborhood that was full of nobodies. But all of that is changing now. A fucking Blockbuster opened across the street from us. Now times ain’t so good. My dad can’t pay the landlord. The landlord doesn’t care, he’s giving our spot, to a Taco Bell. Business bad? “Fuck you, pay me.” Oh, the DVD is going to make your VHS obsolete “Fuck you, pay me.” It used to be we were kings of here Crandon blvd. People loved us. Now they’re across the street. This is what it’s come down too. THE LAST DAY WE’RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. So here we go. You know, We used to always called each other videofellas, you know, like, this guy, he’s a good guy, he’s a “videofella.” He’s one of us. LIGHTS UP. KEY BISCAYNE, FLORIDA. June 1997. A VIDEO STORE. POPULATION: CINEPHILES and GEEKS. THE VIDEO STORE HAS TWO FLOORS. A SHOTGUN hangs from the wall. Next to it there is a SUPER SOAKER. On the first floor there is a shiny white TOILET. 3. The Video store has TWO FLOORS. UPSTAIRS the VHS movies are located. DOWNSTAIRS there is a screening area and the check- out counter. It is around 7 AM and the June sun is rising fast. The ocean is so close you can hear the waves and smell the Coppertone HILL is opening up. He’s wearing a tee-shirt that reads “IT’S ONLY A PLAY.” HILL CLICKS TV ON. A FREEZER for popsicles. HILL erases a CHALK BOARD, he writes down movie titles under the header “New from Criterion This Week... Jean Pierre Mellville”. HILL grabs a box from behind the RETURN SLOT. Starts to alphabetize the returned videocassettes. He smells the cases. He is turned on by the smell of VHS BOX. A TV hangs from the ceiling. HILL TURNS TV ON. The TV will be overheard by the audience throughout the play as it offers commentary on the events taking place. The sound available Hill goes The store Suddenly. TWO GIRLS of the TV voice-over fills the stage. “Now on video casette...” to the shiny white TOILET. He closes the door. is empty. A ghost town. ENTER. Enid and Rebecca are best friends since elementary school. They live right next door to each other. They are wearing name tags and shirts with the logo “THE VIDEO STORE.” The store’s name is THE VIDEO STORE. They go UPSTAIRS. REBECCA This is going to be one long fucking day. ENID That clock hand never moves... 4. REBECCA Like a play with a lot of sighs... ENID Want some sugar fix. REBECCA Nothing ever happens here. ENID Do you have Cocoa Puffs? REBECCA I got Cinnamon Toast Crunch. ENID I’m so over that cereal. REBECCA But you’re my cinnamon swirl. ENID I know... I know... REBECCA POKES HER BOOB. ENID LAUGHS. REBECCA Remember we had a bowl...the first morning after we you know... ENID Oh I remember... INT. VIDEO STORE REBECCA with THE SUPER SOAKER WATER GUN. INT. VIDEO STORE Downstairs. Hill talking to Dusty. HILL I have an appointment tomorrow with the optometrist. Gotta take care of those eyes. REBECCA APPEARS AND SHOOTS WATER IN HILL'S EYE. HILL GRIMACES. 5. HILL My eye. How will I be a filmmaker without a good eye.
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Todds eye twitches like the Stuart Scott's weird eye.
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INT. dd;

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