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Parody video of the mvoie bol

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FreakA added dialogue in "Scene 2 Ayesha" on 08/31/2011. FreakA made 5 other changes. more
(narrator) Zainab:
ye dono boht pehle se aik doosre ko jaante the, bachpan mein jab Ayesha, cheez ke liye roti thi tou Mustufa hamesha kuch is ko la kar de deta tha, kabhi toffi kabhi chocolate aur kabhi kabhar sala biryani le aaata tha bachi ke chakar mein
FreakA edited dialogue in "Scene 2 Ayesha" on 08/28/2011. FreakA made 11 other changes. more
(narrator) Zainab:
Ayesha meri tarhan na thi, wo choti choti cheezon se khush hojati thi
FreakA edited the scene titled "Scene 1 Introduction" on 08/28/2011. FreakA made 6 other changes. more
FreakA edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 08/27/2011. FreakA made 32 other changes. more
Zainab starts talking to galli ke bache

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