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mattymest added dialogue in "Finals round" on 04/29/2011. mattymest made 3 other changes. more
mark v.o.
God cant he just kill me already, doesnt he know how to make a hit?
mattymest edited dialogue in "flashback" on 04/29/2011. more
Zach...It's Ace...Yesterday...he was murdered...the police found his body this morning...
mattymest deleted an action in "vaan vs phantom" on 04/28/2011. mattymest made 4 other changes. more
Mark is sitting look at something online. You see what he's looking at it. It's a picture of Gino with the caption "MAFIA BOSS' BODY FOUND MUTILATED IN HOME"
mattymest added an action in "black reaper vs red demon" on 04/19/2011. mattymest made 38 other changes. more
Fade out to the final fight with Andrew.
mattymest edited an action in "black reaper vs red demon" on 04/15/2011. more
They begin to fight again. Red Ringo has the upperhand still but Mark begins to pick things up. Soon they are evenly matched and Mark gets the upper hand. Soon they get into another gun knife fight. It ends with Red Ringo getting disarmed and Mark pointing his gun at him. Mark breathes heavily as he has finally reached his goal.

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