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Warped Studios Presents a trip to Washington DC for Business Professionals of America.

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Sorry for my little takeover of your TV but I just had to get this message sent through. It was important you learn about Nationals on May 3-7 2011.
Kalio deleted dialogue in "Black screen" on 12/15/2009. Kalio made 17 other changes. more
All fixed now. So, let me continue telling you about all the possibilities of this place.
Kalio edited dialogue in "Black screen" on 12/14/2009. Kalio made 5 other changes. more
Michelle (CONT'D)
documents that have built the US into what it is today,
Kalio edited dialogue in "Black screen" on 12/10/2009. Kalio made 3 other changes. more
Michelle (CONT'D)
There we go. Good as new. Well anyways, while I'm checking all of this stuff for bugs, enjoy seeing all the other kinds of people you could meet.
Kalio edited an action in "Black screen" on 12/09/2009. Kalio made 5 other changes. more
She tilts the box to show the inside of the box that shows an image inside of it.The image grows. Sound plays and pictures of Washington DC begin to pop up.

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