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Episode 2 of a 5 episode series... :)

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Slow motion of cops arresting a woman and a bunch of men, JESSICA looking at it all and looking at the woman going into the car, police lights flashing, weapons coming out in bags and people with plastic gloves. Then goes to the police station where all the cops are bringing in the people and MATT and KAYLA see her mother pass by in cuffs, KAYLA looks like she's screaming "Mommy! Mommy!" but her mother turns her head and looks at her and looks back forward and disappears from the screen. MATT keeps KAYLA down and with him while she's crying.
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Tell him his younger brother was here
and tell him that he missed mom's birthday and her birthday party.
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Back at the office, NICO, MATT and JACK are faced with a little problem. ELENOR GUTHRIE, main child protective service agent, brings a child that claims her mother left her a few days ago and that she's been living alone in her apartment. MATT & NICO are given the task to find out more about the family and the little girl while JACK takes down information from the CPS woman, ELENOR.
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So you know this place and you know where to go?

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