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Yeah I'll take that.
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As skorpion says this he throws Nick into the wall beside him. Skorpion pushes him against it and punches him in the stomach very hard. Nick groans in accurate pain. Skorpion lands one on the side of his cheek and throws him onto the ground.
Dragonborn edited dialogue in "Skorpion Intro" two years ago. Dragonborn made 15 other changes. more
skorpion (CONT'D)
Here's to a long and prosperous career.
Dragonborn added dialogue in "The Girl" two years ago. Dragonborn made 23 other changes. more
Fuck off then.
Dragonborn added an action in "Skorpion Intro" two years ago. Dragonborn made 17 other changes. more
Nick can make out a faint shake of his head. He tries to say no but can only move his move in twitches. Skorpion picks his head up.

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