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It is 1963. Avery Marrvis is a capricious and charismatic young woman living in New York and working as a clothing buyer for the department store, Wanamaker's. She lives for Givenchy and Chanel, though she rarely has the money to buy it. She surrounds herself with a line of characters as eccentric as she, attending and hosting parties frequently. Avery meets a wandering and wayfaring painter from London, Daniel Grant. He becomes immediately mesmerized by her and falls deeply in love with her.

Project Type: Feature Film

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Drunk as a skunk, mister!
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Avery (CONT'D)
(growing angrier)
You think that I am like every other American girl you've met - that I want some boy to come swooping in to save me and that I want it to be you, but I don't! I don't want anybody to save me because I don't need saving! I have had thick skin since before the first grade, Grant, and I just can't have a man with as thin a skin as the wrapping on a 100 Grand.
I need a man I can sleep back to back with at night. I need a man who can stand my ferocity and find it endearing. I need a man who isn't as empty as me, Grant. And you're empty as ever.
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The YOUNG WOMAN'S apartment intercom buzzes. She leaves her plates in the sink to answer it. GRANT tries unsuccessfully to watch her through his kitchen window, but she disappears into her living room.
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Young Woman in window
Oh, good.

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