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Mason, an average bandwagon highschooler, goes full on rug-dealer after his friend, Jonathan, convinces him that there's more to life than the sudden depression slump Mason is currently experiencing. Treachery, drugs, explosions and floor-mats; what more could you want in a ground-breaking phenomenon. Never let a dull moment pass you by: Breaking Plaid. carpet-diem.

Project Type: Short Film

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Markrow added dialogue in "Rug Addict" two years ago. Markrow made 29 other changes. more
Mason, you can't. you need to stop this right now. You're in too deep. You've wrapped yourself up too tight in all of this. I'll be back, and soon. You'll be fine soon. Everything's going to work out. When I come back, everything is going to be ok.
Markrow inserted an action in "Business is Booming" two years ago. Markrow made 52 other changes. more
There are a few rugs around the room.
Markrow added a slugline in "Business is Booming" two years ago. more
INT. INT. Mason's Bedroom
Markrow added dialogue in "Drug Walk" two years ago. Markrow made 18 other changes. more
Yeah... lets hope not.
Markrow added dialogue in "Drug Walk" two years ago. Markrow made 25 other changes. more
As if! Please step aside, sir.

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