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JOSEPH STICKNEY is sitting in his grand and messy office/library. He is wearing a three-piece suit with an open collar shirt. His beard is full and white as is his hair. There are books on all matter of subjects scattered throughout the room. On his desk is a large leather-bound copy of "De Vita Pythagorica" by Iamblichus. He is leaning back in his leather chair with his eyes closed. After ten seconds or so there is a loud knock on the door. Joseph opens his eyes.
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Ethiopia, actually. In the wake of the Italian occupation we started hearing reports of mysterious deaths in Muslim villages that were being attributed to a type of witchcraft. The accused black magicians were typically priests within the Orthodox Amhara peoples. The muslims, of course
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amos (V.O.)
New York, I see you nin my dreams every night
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A radio announcer speaks into a microphone with a deep baritone, similar to Art Bell.

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