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A funny, short, & cute film on three young boys and one girl. They go and look for a transportation vehicle of destiny which gives the power of time and space. The only problem is.....they have to find it.

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Yes, son. It does work. I love you so much. This is so much fun. Keep writing. I'm going to leave you a message on your JUSTICE script. See you there. Love you, Dad
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holly cow! I don't know!
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As two boys walk through a school hallway, a glowing ball much like the light when the machine went haywire. The glow seemed to have emotion with its floating.
coolvarick edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 06/29/2008. coolvarick made 2 other comments and 4 other changes. more
boys walking in school are chating when suddenly a flash goes across them. This flash formed a figure of Omry every few seconds.
ScreenplayArt edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 06/29/2008. ScreenplayArt made 17 other changes. more
The contraption rocks and creates a loud buzzing sound. Doc drops his tools, grabs Omry, turns to run, takes two steps when suddenly, with a loud clap of thunder, everything disapears into a flash of light. The scene is totaly empty.

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