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Quick pitch

Two best friends plan a road trip, Along the way they meet a girl named Layla. She ask if she go with them and the guys agree because something about her just seems trust worthy.
They're nearly finish their trip when Layla disappears. They search and ask around but no one has seen a pink haired girl. Finally they notice the mascot on the gum they've been chewing the whole time.
The gum had been spiked with something and they'd only imagined that the bubble gum girl came to life.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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KirstenYvette added dialogue in "GPS stop" on 10/30/2014. KirstenYvette made 10 other changes. more
I bet you are but it's not back here
KirstenYvette deleted the scene "Pit stop" on 12/12/2013. KirstenYvette made 7 other changes. more
KirstenYvette added dialogue in "Gas Station" on 12/12/2013. KirstenYvette made 14 other changes. more
KirstenYvette added an action in "Gas Station" on 12/12/2013. KirstenYvette made 11 other changes. more
josh shrugs
KirstenYvette inserted an action in "Gas Station" on 12/11/2013. KirstenYvette made 14 other changes. more
walks toward the gas station taking a few step backwards then turns

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