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Buddy is a super dog, who flys around the world helping people.

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A puppy got lost and wondered into this abonded nucleur plant. He keeps roaming around until he found a cardboard box. but what was strange about the box was that it was covered in radio active substances. so he crawled into the box and went to sleep. In the middle of
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Buddy flies off and a chase after the thief. then Buddy tackles him and the thief drops dog food just as they hit the ground rolling. Buddy can't get up because dog food is his kryptonite. The thief gets up and runs away, leaving the purse. Buddy decides he has to eat the food, so he eats it and gets up. He then grabs the purse and brings it to the citizen and she thanks him then, he flies off. Buddy flies back home and takes off his super clothes. The bus pulls up and Zach gets off.
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fighting crime, eating food, and flying around. You know, super dog stuff.
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my doggy senses are tingling. Somebody needs my help.
(Buddy flies off to go help Kathryn.)

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