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Quick pitch

- Comedy about a couple of local community college students working at a restaurant in the mall in their area
- Show will detail how they interact with each other, co-workers, bosses and customers while at the restaurant while also going in depth on how they interact out of work, at school, with their families. All the crucial ingredients of a young college student’s life. Trying to balance out everything life throws at them.
- One thing that they will be doing a lot is partying. After work with their co-workers, with just them two alone and also with people from school. Going to be a lot of partying and shenanigans going on at work.

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Quit your bitching, yeah it sucks, but it's money. You don't have to like it, as long as it pays. Do you think hookers enjoy standing out in the freezing cold wearing nothing but fishnets and a bra just to make a little cash? what would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor cause he's hungry? City High. Only i our case there is no son. Just us and our empty stomachs, saving up for the weekend so we can fill those stomachs with alcohol. besides, your wish might come true today, I can’t see that whore Sue being too happy about us being an hour late.
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are you seriously asking me that question? thats the story of my life bro. i think i use a half a roll of toilet paper every time i poop
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have you ever taken a shit and not wiped all the way because you just get tired of wiping?
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dave gives eva a look like, you better say no.

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