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weird Drama... with a lot of surreal dialogs...
unexpected stuff... a lot of individual segments and not encumbered with main topic and plot...

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HoboJenkins edited dialogue in "scene 2(?)" on 08/17/2008. HoboJenkins made 9 other changes. more
After a few weeks in this job moving things could not catch his attention anymore. The whole world was a blur. But he became keen to motionless figures, he rested his eyes on these occasional islands of peace. He noticed the lady first, standing near the boutiques entrance. She was somehow attractive, he thought. Next to her probably her husband, tall guy with grayish hair. They were also little calm spots even only by some incident with a rouge contact lens. He really had to wee. But suddenly, the woman took out her right eye, with an unsure gesture. She looked kind of embarassed for a moment, then her husband took the obviously glass eye and cleaned it with great care, while smiling and laughing. He felt warm and thought this to be very sweet for a moment, then he felt weird for thinking such a thing like that could be sweet. It must be because of this costume, because of this job. He's not normally like this he thought.
HoboJenkins added an action in "scene 2(?)" on 08/17/2008. HoboJenkins made 1 other comment and 5 other changes. more
guy in his late 20s handing out flyers on the street dressed as a big blue mouse. looking kind of desperate.
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Do you always dress like prostitute?
what is nostalgia ?

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