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Quick pitch

A horror loosely based off of the nursery rhyme.

Project Type: Skit

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Steven edited a slugline in "Scene 5" on 10/22/2009. Steven made 24 other changes. more
INT. Three Days after the last scene. In the pub from Scene 1.
Steven added dialogue in "Scene 4" on 10/15/2009. Steven made 47 other changes. more
Candlestick Maker
If I must.
Steven added an action in "Scene 4" on 10/13/2009. Steven made 2 other changes. more
Clark and Joan enter stage right.
Steven added a new scene titled "Scene 4" on 10/13/2009. Steven made 77 other changes. more
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Tommy can't breath and passes out. Candlestick Maker lifts Tommy up and sets him on the sofa gently. He starts to leave but comes back and looks at Tommy, then leans down and licks Tommy's neck. He then exits room from the side he entered.

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