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One episode of the Magic Wand series. Jason has an unique command.

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soscat12 added a slugline in "Jason gets the wand from a friend" on 05/30/2014. soscat12 made 2 other changes. more
INT. Jason
Chifilmcol added dialogue in "Jason is talking to his friend again" on 05/29/2014. Chifilmcol made 6 other changes. more
I'm going to be the best person I can be. What about your command? What did you ask for?
Chifilmcol added an action in "Jason tries friend's suggestion" on 05/22/2014. Chifilmcol made 9 other changes. more
Jason doesn't feel the wind anymore and sees the leg is gone. He runs around the room tearing down the color blocks. He puts the paper in the recycle bin in his kitchen. He gets back in the bed and goes to sleep.

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