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girl struggles with life while she trys to put her rapists away...will this journey be fatal?

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cashea added an action in "Shawn's cell" on 05/03/2008. cashea made 36 other changes. more
Shawn lays down on his bed and ignores Josh's an d Louis's questions. He fall asleep.
cashea edited dialogue in "waiting room" on 05/02/2008. cashea made 4 other changes. more
Detective Anders
They don't know about the girl being dead yet, and yes I'll bring them out.
cashea added an action in "Ending the movie" on 05/01/2008. cashea made 105 other changes. more
When Tate says INNOCENT the letter appear on the screne in white one by one. Then the ending music comes on which is "I was raise in the projects" by project pact.
cashea added dialogue in "waiting room" on 05/01/2008. cashea made 25 other changes. more
Detective Anders
Dead. Killed himself. the boys don't know either.
cashea edited the scene titled "waiting room" on 05/01/2008. cashea made 86 other changes. more

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