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When Castlevania appears on the outskirts of Roanoke, USA, small-town steel worker Toguro jumps at the chance to enter a tournament to become a mid-boss under Count Dracula's command. But he's got fierce competition, not the least of which are Olrox, a veteran Castlevania mid-boss, and Herman Munster, Toguro's childhood friend who never got to live out his dream of becoming a New York City lawyer. But it looks like trouble when the gang discovers that a vampire hunter from the Belmont clan might be posing among the contenders in the hopes of assassinating Count Dracula! Can Toguro follow his dreams while protecting the man he hopes will be his new boss?

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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TheMichaelvanian edited an action in "Scene 8: A Man's Determination!" on 06/17/2012. TheMichaelvanian made 5 other changes. more
Another four sequential scenes are shown of the alarm clock ringing and Herman shutting it off. The next shot is of Herman launching a side kick at the blender, totally destroying it. The scene is repeated dramatically three times, with the final shot showing the graphic shattering of the blender. Next, Herman is shown standing with his torso tilted backward, mouth open in an "O" shape, rapidly punching upward into the air with both hands. Next, we see Slogra and Gaibon lounging around in the room below eating pizza. The door above to Herman's room is seen from the camera's angle, and Herman suddenly appears in it. Slogra and Gaibon notice him and look up. Herman stares down Slogra, and points at him meaningfully, and nods his head, clearly calling Slogra out. A close up on Slogra's face shows him narrowing his eyes and clenching his beak in fury.
TheMichaelvanian added a new scene titled "Scene 9: Alchemy Lab Shuffle" on 06/16/2012. TheMichaelvanian made 12 other changes. more
TheMichaelvanian edited an action in "Scene 8: A Man's Determination!" on 06/16/2012. TheMichaelvanian made 21 other changes. more
Although Gaibon appears to find the situation amusing, Slogra's face has a perturbed expression. His eyes narrow menacingly as he glares up at Herman's room.
TheMichaelvanian edited the scene titled "Scene 1: Toguro's Dream" on 06/14/2012. TheMichaelvanian made 39 other changes. more
TheMichaelvanian added a shot in "Scene 7: A Man's Determination!" on 06/14/2012. TheMichaelvanian made 82 other changes. more

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