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Quick pitch

I'm wanting to make an indepenent film. I have a good outline for the plot but it's not complete. I wanted to see If I could make something that used internet collaboration. I'm doing the same with the soundtrack.

though it says rated R, that is just a goal, it can end up being rated lower than that. who knows.
outline is both in the forums and outline section.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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sorry kinda had life interrupt and forgot about this website. =(
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The sounds of car doors OPENING. They then SLAM shut. Two men appear on screen and walk towards the pawnshop. The one on the right (Guy #2) has a crowbar in his hand, while the other (Guy #1) has a gun.
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9 months later, you still haven't made anything new. Thought you were committing to it. Well I wrote something for ya, a beginning. You know how you said the pawn gets robbed? Well, I started it off with that. Yeah, it's sort of the middle of the...

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