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Colin (me) sits down to play a game of poker in order to win money to pay for his family. He bets all his money. He doesn't realize but he is actually playing with "Fear", who apparently knows Colin. As the game progresses, the man tells Colin who he "really" is, judging him based on the moves he makes. He lists all his personality traits, and at the end, he tells Colin that he can't beat fear. Colin tells him that he forgot one thing: that he has love. Colin ends up defeating fear with a Royal Flush of hearts.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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A leader always blazes trails. But what if that path is a dead end? You are the one who has to suffer those consequences. Are you willing to accept those consequences, or are you afraid and turn back? I sense fear inside you, but you are driven by something I can not see.
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INT. Int. Poker Room
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Love always conquers fear because fear is always blind to love. You can take any of my strengths and make them weaknesses, but love never has a weakness. You can't see something that doesn't have a weaknesses. That is YOUR weakness.
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Fear laughs. Colin is worried, but he tries to hide it. The dealer deals the cards and the chips.

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