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int. pub - night

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009 2 versions.

door swings open, and brings with it a burst of crisp night air. the usual humming drone of the crowd continues, and no one even looks up.

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009 4 versions.

a shadowy figure proceeds into the room and places herself at the bar, leaning forward and politely asking for a glass of red wine. she sits quetly sipping from her glass contemplating the anticipation she has brewing inside her.

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009 6 versions.

she picks up her glass, and surveys the room. a man brushes past her, she manages to catch his eye as he passes then her hand starts to tremble, more and more as his gaze intensifies untill she spills the wine on her jeans.

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009

she hunches over and tries to brush the liquid away before it seeps into the denim, its too late.

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009 3 versions.

main woman

sighs loudly, great, perfect.

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009

as she looks up she notices her glass is empty and a note has been placed under it, shocked, she just stares at it half wandering wether to pick it up. she knew who put it there.

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do you want another love?

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009

main woman

no thanks, im just leaving.

charl_t13 - on 08/13/2009