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A parody of the show Cheaters but with a dog cheating on his owner

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Well we tracked them down and they're actually at your apartment right now.
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I've just noticed we haven't been as close lately. When I come home, she's not running to the door like she used to or wagging her tail as much. When I call her, just, the look on her face is like "Ugh what?" One day I smelled her breath and was like "Bitch, is that Purina?" Cuz I buy Kibbles and Bits. I don't have Purina money like that. Something's up. I just need to get to the bottom of it.
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INT. Green screen shot 2
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Hi I'm Joe Gecko. In this installment of Cheaters, meet Staci. A social worker with a heart of gold who believes her dog may be sniffing another human behind her back. Even though the truth may be a bit ruff for her to handle, Staci contacted Cheaters and made no bones about uncovering the severity of this faux-paw.
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