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A short film about a boy who cheered

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INT. Scene. Friday.Scene opens a young boy running through the sugar cane feilds bare footin slo mo. He appoaches the Bayou and looks out.switches to Blu Bellard lying in his bed. He is in a small room , with blue carpet. The walls are Brown, brown panel. There is a vent in the middle of the floor, Its almost seems as if this room was built for a boy. and he has a figurine of a Baseball, a basketball, and a football on his wall. Its a twin bed. and in front of the bed there is a plasma screen tv. On top of the television there is a sega , in which has sonic the hedge hdoge in it. Blu is 16 years of age. He is laying in bed wet. He pissed himself the night before.He drank to much bordan grape juice. There are 2 nnocks at the door. His Father is knocking. He opens the door to Blu's room. blu pops out of the sheets
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Cause its fun. dexter why you staring
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its not a good idea to be up here.
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Perry (CONT'D)
( katie walks over and hands her a Very nice pen adrienne hand her a leather notebook)
(she starts writing on the board the word beatnicks.)
I had very intersting evening. I was delighted with a visit from a friend from my childhood. It was lovely, i dont get to see her often. But something verrrry strange happened when she left. It started to rain and i cleaned. Then came upon these little things called midterms. That I was supposed to grade after we got back from your break. And to my surprise they were very very shitty. So you will all do them over. to be turned in Also in 48 hours. Tiffany feet down So, In other news, Indian Ben is returning in 3 weeks , so one of you will not be a 10. So just keep that in mind.I havent seen You Adrienne at any community service.
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Ace enters

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