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Quick pitch

A prequel to Cheesious & Cheesious: Cross the Great Wood. A kickstart to the 12 project long series, which documents the mentioned missing "12 years" in the first film.

Dutch Masters of Deception takes place right after the death of Bleezious; King of the great wood and father of Cheesious and Cheesious. A council meeting is organized of the 'highest elites' of the Dutch Master kingdom and Cheesious and Cheesious being the sons of the late King Bleezious and heirs to the throne are invited.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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Crleess added dialogue in "Arrested" on 05/17/2014. Crleess made 14 other changes. more
King Bleesious
Caleb isn't even a Dutchmaster hes a fallen angel.
Crleess edited an action in "Arrested" on 05/15/2014. Crleess made 43 other changes. more
Cheesious and Cheesious' faces change to display anger and then suddenly blow smoke out of their mouths.
Crleess added an action in "Arrested" on 05/13/2014. Crleess made 35 other changes. more
Enter Simba Colchuck whose presence the characters are unaware of.
Crleess added dialogue in "Arrested" on 05/07/2014. Crleess made 31 other changes. more
king bleezious
No.. that was a lie. I lied to you boys.. I was not the King of the Dutchmasters. I was the King of deceivery.
Crleess edited an action in "Off To Kill The King!" on 04/30/2014. Crleess made 3 other changes. more
A shot from behind as Bitchell walks away, he never turns around but he holds up a rolled up paper and in an echo through the montage you hear--

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