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Jobzilla:(yelling) CJ this is probably your fault I had to have an ugly kid!
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(Jobzilla dies of old age 50 years later. As for CJ 10 years after his fathers death is released and eventually becomes the governor of New Pork and makes a law forcing everyone in New Pork to call him Governor CJ. and dies of old age 70 years after going to prison. Jobzilla age of death 87 Charlie Jr also known as CJ dies at age 86. Mrs. Jobzilla got married to Mr. Larry and now they live in CJville formerly known as New Pork
chicken edited an action in "JOBZILLA" a year ago. more
Jobzilla: I used to be Godzilla I used these teeth for more than biting.
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(Mrs. Jobzilla and Mr. Larry Leave the home)

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