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Quick pitch

It is a back story of Cinderella and why Lady tremaine is so mean to her.

Project Type: Short Film

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OctaviaBehnke edited dialogue in "The plan" on 02/21/2014. OctaviaBehnke made 85 other changes. more
Um okay. See you upsiatrs then.
MatthewOpal joined the project! on 02/12/2014. more
sydmauck edited an action in "End scene" on 02/11/2014. sydmauck made 279 other changes. more
The scene ends with Cinderella scrubbing the floor, in filthy rags, while the Tremaine's are in fancy clothes, eating a fancy dinner. Then the screen goes black.
sydmauck added dialogue in "Cindy's house/ sleep over" on 02/09/2014. sydmauck made 3 other changes. more
No, it was to dark. And when I turned away, but then looked back, the figure was gone.
sydmauck added an action in "Cindy's house/ sleep over" on 02/07/2014. sydmauck made 5 other changes. more
The girls set their stuff on the floor. Then they can gather on the bed, on the floor, or in chairs. There Cinderella starts to tell her story, which can lead to a flash back.

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