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The gangster still shooting with a pistol, CHINO and the DRIVER duck. CHINO unlocks the suitcase, and answers the pistol with a obelisk-black machine gun. The response hits the wheel of the Chrysler, which tumbles fatefully into a light post and a young pregnant girl, who screams in agony. The enemy satisfied, the convertible shifts to the fastest gear, flying close to the coast. Dumping itself into the beach, the convertible faces the BOYS and kills most of them a la Breaking Bad, CHINO finishing the rest with his gun. CHINO and the DRIVER pop out of the car, running towards the line of BODIES. CHINO wades into the ocean and finds LUKE VERDE's head, crying now like a grieving lover. Cradling the hair of the skull and kissing the forehead, then the lips, CHINO whispers to his lost love-

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