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Desert scene

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Look. I know this is not where you thought you'd end up. I feel this is the part of the story every grown up leaves out to spare judgement. But you are here. And the worst thing you could do right now, is miss out on anything else. I spent my first year here sulking in a puddle of self pity. Feather was always going out while I sat at home reading, doing what I thought was bettering myself. Really, I didn't want to meet anyone because I knew inevitably they'd find out about all my failures that brought me here. Then for my birthday he threw this big party at the pool. I didn't know anyone but him and my boss who stopped by for five minutes to be polite. Feather was prancing around like a king, charming everyone with his weirdness. All that time I'd thought he was wasting his life and here I was jealous of him. Point being, looking back will never move you forward. So be here, with all of us bumbling idiot failures.

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