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Four friends go on an adventure to try to make their way in the porn industry.

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Four friends sit around a game of pugopoly. REBECCA (20), an art school junior, dressed like a hipster appears to be winning; JOANNE (20), a business student junior, half-undressed from a business meeting, nervously counts her money as she surveys the board game; CLAIRE (21), an aerospace engineering junior, dressed in sweats and a Michigan engineering t-shirt, plays on her phone; SAM (20), a film major junior, dressed in a flannel shirt and gym shirts rolls the dice. Sam moves her piece, buys the spot, and picks up a property
artsynerd edited an action in "INT.CAR - DAY" on 01/24/2014. artsynerd made 13 other changes. more
The car comes to a stop. Claire and Rebecca look over at Sam.
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The end.

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