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Avant Garde cinema about a single day and night at a college- using natural personal arc and narrative of typical student

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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I am posting plan for this with treatment of plot. THIS FILM IS BEING PLACED INTO PRODUCTION SLATE FOR SUMMER
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So what's the plan here?
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Money is the measure of mankind- we seem to interpet political realities in dollars and cents, as where our attention sits so sits the currency of commerce. Therefore comprehension of history as expressed as a present steady state of utopian full employment while reducing the variable access and analysis of the inequity of free versus work time, as we are in the end reduced to an integer when measuring the value of a society, sub-divided to a fraction to actually express absolutely everything, like an omniscient index of happiness and success, reduced to the given ratio of access to leisure in the determination and denomination of the global future financial commonwealth.
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Lets write a movie that serves as the John Hiughes film for millennials

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