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Quick pitch

Colors: Episode 1
Phoenix Cooper: meets a weird new girl who just may hold the key to his future
Clementine Callister: starts her year off to a good start by letting people know who are "out" that they are sooooooo "out"
Saffron Kramer: is excited for a new year in which maybe she'll make some friends
Jayce Andrus: gets shoved in a locker and finds out some stuff he maybe shouldn't know about
Cyan Knox: is trying to figure out the logic behind bullying
Mauve Grace: is wondering whether she should flip to emo
President Rain: is searching for her latest target
Vice President Thunder: sends out her troops
Kyto: is running from the law
This is Colors Episode 1!

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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kyto (CONT'D) (CONT'D)
An athletic boy, a mean girl, an optimist, a shy boy, a brainiac, a pessimist...yes, they fit the descriptions here quite well!
SquiggleStudios edited dialogue in "The President and the Vice President" 3 months ago. SquiggleStudios made 3 other changes. more
president rain
He's broken the law before. A fugitive. If he's trying to overthrow me, he certainly is going to get it!
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kyto (CONT'D) (CONT'D)
Yes! The prophecy's been activated! Even if I get caught, they won't know what's coming for them...
SquiggleStudios edited dialogue in "The Cafeteria" a year ago. more
Hello! Um, my name's Puxetawny...I'm new this year! I was wondering if I could give you fortunes, because, you know, I love that sort of thing, and I've been trying to make friends...

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