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Connie is an overweight, 20-some year old woman whose life seems to be just dragging on day by endless day, but when Connie starts experimenting with drugs her mid-day hallucinations provide an escape that is bittersweet.

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No, why? Wanna take me out on a date?
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Connie, still in her moo moo but now has a pair of sunglasses and a blond wig on has a bottle of cough syrup in her hands inspecting the nutrition and drug facts, looking around nervously.
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Connie pauses motionless and speechless with the bottles and chips cuddled in her arms against her chest, then scurries out the store. The clerk and police officer look at each other puzzled for a second when Connie reappears and quickly grabs a bottle of cough syrup left on the counter, looks at the clerk and police officer (SILENCE) and runs off again. The police officer makes a half-ass lunge in Connies direction then stops. The police officer and clerk are looking at each other speechless again.

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