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Luke Bowman, reigning champion of a competitive eating future-sport, may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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[Groundbreaking ceremony featuring Luke. He fields queries from those on hand, including press. A heckler calls out to him, warns him and the others about the consequences of their capitalist consumerism. As she's led away, she screams "HECTOR!!!" Luke is visibly shaken.]
ascottlarock added dialogue in "News about N. Korea; enter Pallas" on 05/03/2012. ascottlarock made 4 other changes. more
(moves closer to her)
Pigs don't have egos. They live in shit, they eat it -- without a hint of shame.
ascottlarock added an action in "Luke... in a lonely hotel" on 05/03/2012. ascottlarock made 4 other changes. more
[Luke stands in the room as the bellhop brings in his luggage. Later, he talks to Deshmukh about the groundbreaking. Even later, he watches match footage -- Wake's gaining on him.]
ascottlarock edited dialogue in "On the tarmac: Luke reaches out to Sarah" on 05/03/2012. ascottlarock made 43 other changes. more
So it's finally going to happen. You're gonna get see if you really are the best in the whole wide world.
ascottlarock added dialogue in "Luke and Desh talk Iowa, N. Korea's challenge" on 05/02/2012. ascottlarock made 36 other changes. more
Finish your meal.

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