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Ellie and Palmer return from seclusion to find that SETI has taken a life of its own and that with a second transmission they have the opportunity to get closer to the enigmatic alien message, and perhaps even the nature of their being. Along the way they gain much insight int the nature of consciousness and the sophistication of making initial contacts with any sentient life.
Can humanity accept the rules, will it twist the technologies to its own ends? What will we lose in order to make new gains?

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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The energy required to sustain an Einstein Rosen Bridge for the distances we are talking about is tremendous. Far in excess of what we can currenly acheive, and potentially wasteful. It requires a change in the topology of space from flat to donut.
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Ted (CONT'D)
Some stayed choosing mortality. Others changed their nature, they joined the collective. No one can say what was right or wrong. It was simply a choice. Many years before this the construct you are now familiar with become the repository for many conscious minds. It was a savior. All could pursue their dreams and not consume the precious resources.
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