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Quick pitch

scientist makes advanced weapons that the government rejects. but the scientists uses the weapons and combines it in to him. this is where the fun begins, but his friend stops him from taking over chicago before its to late.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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ladida starred a slugline in "Beginning in the End" on 05/10/2008. more
INT. Abandoned Mansion/Secret LairNight
amsparky joined the project! on 05/01/2008. more
Reaper added an action in "Military transformation" on 04/30/2008. Reaper made 13 other changes. more
wolf shoots and tries to kill phillip lobbing grenade afeter grenade bullet after bullet phillip keeps dodging and blocking in a blink of and eye the screne turns black and all that is left is silence
Reaper added dialogue in "Military transformation" on 04/30/2008. Reaper made 2 other changes. more
understood but where is he now srgt.
Reaper added dialogue in "Military transformation" on 04/30/2008. more
im here sarge we have a big problem tho half the squad is missing and my platoon is still searching for this maniac.

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