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A modern tale about the conversion of Apostle Paul.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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wr3_CEO inserted an action in "The Ride (Tease)" on 08/22/2011. wr3_CEO made 12 other changes. more
She cuts him off.
ionchromo added a new scene titled "Time lapse" on 08/18/2011. ionchromo made 2 other comments and 18 other changes. more
wr3_CEO commented on the scene "The Ride." on 08/18/2011. more
What if he's riding in a car, talking to his wife on the phone. All of a sudden while he's talking white lights appear ahead as if there is a 18 wheeler approaching. Then Paul starts to flash his lights to signal the trucker to turn his brights off. He begins to share with his wife the jerk that won't turn off his brights. This light grows intensely bright approaching. Paul gets frustrated and a little scared so he ends up dropping his phone. It slides under the brake pedal preventing him from stopping on the side because of the lights. So he swerves hitting a guard rail. Bright light stays bright grows even brighter. Then we transition into scene 2... Let me know what you think and I can write the scene for you.
wr3_CEO added a comment to Conversion on 08/18/2011. more
I am no Hollywood Screenwriter but I am an actor. However, I am a stage and screenplay writer. (NEW) lol.... But the opening scene isn't intriguing enough. Paul and his wife seem short with each other. Doesn't seem like they're loving. My question is what is their relationship???............And where are we trying to go in this scene...... I know we need to set the story up. Someone talk back to me... let's right this thing!!!!! lol ;-)
wr3_CEO joined the project! on 08/17/2011. more

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