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A four part story of suburban Australians before and after a flood strikes their town.A four part story of suburban Australians before and after a flood strikes their town. The Mud is the first story told from the perspective of James, a 19-year old whose paranoid thoughts and strange actions betray his need to affirm his sensory existence.The second story Syrup is a s portrait of Aubra, a self-described “a closet-misanthrope” whose only release is to fake suicide so she can confront the violent and self-destructive thoughts she represses.The way the Cookiedough and Soap begins is a little confusing, two dogs rolling in yellow building tape and surrounded by can’s, mud, bottles and parts of old lawnmowers. The film backtracks to tell the story of the prospective owners and an over-confidant drug=dealing ex-security guard(and Vietnam veteran).. Aubra and the Mud concludes with Poke, darker and more abstract as Carl’s mind creates a universe that is all about him.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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(Tad - Sex God Missy 0:31-0:36)
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Green filtered light from a broken window in a filthy, abandoned Queenslander Aubra lies in the bathtub full of deep, red liquid.
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