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A comedy spoof off the Wizard Of Oz.

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SpasticGerbil added an action in "Scene 7" on 03/26/2008. SpasticGerbil made 13 other changes. more
DOROTHY, SLOB, CASANOVA, and PREP all stand up and smile. The door opens and they walk in.
SpasticGerbil edited dialogue in "Scene 6" on 03/25/2008. SpasticGerbil made 30 other changes. more
They're out of the gym! No! Hmm... I need something to stop them, or at least slow them down. Something luring and delightful to the senses. Ah-ha! Taquitos! Taquitos will make them have gas. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
SpasticGerbil added an action in "Scene 6" on 03/24/2008. SpasticGerbil made 130 other changes. more
They dance the dance from the commercials and repeat the song 3 times. DOROTHY, PREP and TUT-TUT take the medicine and start feeling better. On the fourth and final time, they join in for the grand finale. Curtains close.
SpasticGerbil added dialogue in "Scene 4" on 03/13/2008. SpasticGerbil made 105 other changes. more
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