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Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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father nelson
(sadly, sarcastically)
The lord is my shepherd, right? And if not, at least it's all part of the plan.
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Eventually, it does. CHAD starts calming down. He stops thrashing and his frantic breathing begins to slow. His face, however, still reveals that he's scared shitless. DERRICK's eyes keep darting around the room as if he's trying to formulate some sort of plan in his mind.
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We see an elegantly furnished room with a large sliding glass door on the other side.
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As we follow him, we settle on a seemingly empty nearby parked truck. We watch a moment, then DERRICK and CHAD poke their heads up and look around cautiously.
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father nelson
Ya know? I really appreciate it, but i think i'll just walk home. It's not terribly far, and i think the fresh air might help to clear my mind.

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