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Man w/bomb
As men who stood up for what they believed in? Your country has been destroying the world for years! So yes, I think that is how we want to be remembered *he looks around at his group of men*
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Anchor man
Thankfully the bombings have come to an end. Last night local police along with a few federal agents discovered the suspects in an abandoned warehouse. It was there that they learned where the next attack would happen. The leader of the group, his name still unknown, had a bomb strapped to his chest. We are told it was on a timer and that local police were cleared out of the blast zone long enough before the bomb was set to go off. In all, the only individuals killed were the three suspects. Two of the federal agents were sent to the hospital with major injuries. The two individuals are Michael Todd, the leader of the small team brought here to solve the crime, and Sam Hines, an FBI profiler. Nothing else has been released about their conditions. In other news...
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michael todd
well team i know that was a hard case but im very proud of how you all handled yourselves. I know we got some scrapes but the important thing is that we protected Miami and that the problem is solved.
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S.a. Michael todd
Hello. You must be the chief. I am Special Agent Michael Todd and this is my team. With me are Special Agents Alyx Casey, Jarred Dufner, and Sam ...

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