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Agent 56 grasps the prisoner's hand. He gasps as there seems to be an instant connection. Suddenly everything is clear. There are men experimenting using various liquids. One of the men is talking about his son. Could this be his father? A man is awake in an incubator. Success? His father looks scared. A woman comes into focus. She is pleading with someone then screams. A gun shot goes off. A baby is now screaming as it's carried away. Test are being carried out. Injections given. Then the clones come into view. There are thousands. He can see them clearly now. They all look the same. The all look like him. He opens his eyes. The prisoner releases his grip and stares back.
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Agent 56 opens his eyes. He is lying on what looks like a medical table in a sterile white room devoid of furniture. He is wearing a medical robe. His eyes take in the room for a moment before sitting upright.
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He runs off in pursuit, disappearing into the forest.

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