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A final project for my Dramatic Theory and Criticism course. It is a discussion of drama theory between Bertolt Brecht and Antonin Artaud.

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Thank you for coming to tonights performance. Now you should go and make your own theater. Make it new, make it old, but make it something worthwhile. Please wipe the blood off of your shoes before you enter the hall. THANKS!
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Perhaps. For me it was the actor's ability to indicate to the aidience an emotion without actually needing to feel the emotion themselves. These emotional gestures were often very abtract. For example, in order to indicate anger, the actor would dip his face in white makeup powder so that he had a white mask. This type of acting had many possitive implications. It meant that every performance could be the same and that the actor's particular mood was irrelevant. The actor could act through noise, rain, or a stomach ache and the audience would still get the message. he could act through the audience discuusing the action, which was encouraged. Also this enhanced the alienation effect and allowed the audience to observe the fact that the character was angry without needing to feel that he was angry through some sort of osmosis of emotion.
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I agree, the modern theater is, in some ways, distant already. In terms of connection to the audiences real lives or in term of the audience feeling of control over the action, but in other ways, such as emotionally
(even if the inspired emotion is false in nature)
the modern play is close enough to inhibit objectivity. Don't you see?
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Basically, in my productions the audience is always aware that they are at the theater and that they are watching actors perform a play. By realizing this they must also acknowledge the fact that this play was created by someone and that that person is trying to say something. If they are constantly reminded of the medium, then they can critically examine the content and the message of the piece that exists beneath the surface layer. Most show only show the surface layer and therefor critical thinking is lost.
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