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Charlie, Willie, Vincent, and the team were looking for old angents but someone has released Finn, the enemy from the last movie. And worse Vincent is blamed for it. Can Vincent prove he's not guilty, will they defeate Finn again, Will the team face their worst enemy, Shadow Vincent.

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I'll tell you if you do an one on one battle with me.
bretttg inserted dialogue in "scene 7" on 02/04/2012. bretttg made 4 other changes. more
very well.
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willie (narrator)
Every fairy tale starts with a ounce upon a time.
Well, this is not a fairy tale. this is serious. last time our mission was to stop our old manager, Finn, from traping my team in time. This time is different, its the revenge of time.
bretttg added a new scene titled "scene 7" on 12/17/2011. more

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