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Tobacco became a huge part of the United States economy because of the huge amount of taxes it created for states and federal coffers. The revenues collected from the sales of tobacco accounted for over $2.1 billion dollars in federal taxes by 1970. Today the number is a staggering 20 billion plus dollars. To combat this increased use laws were in-acted to sop teenagers
(who are among the biggest users)
from smoking, at least until they were 18 years of age. In 1965, a warning was required to be put on anything that advertized tobacco to make people aware of the dangers of smoking. The Cancer Society, the Heart Institutes, and many other medical agencies, including the American Medical Asscociation came out with campaigns against smoking and the dangers to people's health who smoked, or chewed tobacco. The big tobacco companies dispute a lot of the claims made by the medical community and have put together huge advertizing campaigns to combat the medical community's claims. There have been congressional hearings in Washington D.C. at which all of the C.E.O.'s of the major tobacco companies were asked direct questions about their product. They all refused to admit that their product
was habit forming and harmful to health. They claimed that there was no veriftable proof that tobacco was a leading cause of cancer, a dozen other illnesses that the medical community claims comes from use of tobacco. In conclusion, it seems no matter what the medical community, or other agencies claim about the harmful effects of tobacco, people are going to still smoke. It mirrors the attitude about drinking too much alcohol and driving, using hard drugs and many other habits that are deadly to the human body. People are going to do what they want. It is after all a "PERSONAL CHOICE"
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During the channel, these people talk about what they think the effects might be when teens smoke cigarettes. In 1997, the Wold Health Organization estimates that tobacco will kill 10 million per year by 2025. In 1999, the US Tobacco Industry finally admits that smoking poses a human health risk. Here's another fact, in 1898, tobacco dust-not smoke- is linked to lung cancer among german tobacco workers. And for more history in 1761, John Hill, a london physician, identifies the use of snuff as a cause of nasal polyps.
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During the channel, these people talk about what they think the effects might be when teens smoke cigarettes.
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Smoking Cigarettes.

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