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Short movie with events based off Fabolous' song Cuffin' Season. Writer(s) will profile several females that try to take advantage of prosperous men (in a metropolitan city) as the cold weather closes in. Think, cozy apartments, Ugg boots, designer sweaters & scarves, dinner-movie dates sporadic gifts and snow days!

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mediakitdiego added a comment to Cuffin' Season on 02/18/2014. mediakitdiego made 2 other comments and 19 other changes. more
finally completed, rough copy but i borrowed from Mos Def's "Casa Bey" video. I was in the stuck position until i saw that video and thought "this is a dope ass idea". It gives just enough to the viewer and still draws them in more. I didnt want the typical "catch me if you can" look with a bunch of acting and what not. Lemme know your opinion, this is just a layup drill-the warm up suit will be coming off in a bit.
mediakitdiego added a comment to Cuffin' Season on 01/29/2014. mediakitdiego made 1 other comment and 18 other changes. more
progress, here's a start on the first verse. lemme know what you think. I like the start up and transition from black and white to color once the beat drops. Remember how I told you NY is a "cold" city and wintertime is the best time to shoot the city?....For some reason NY embodies the coldness, the winter, the "get with it or get run the fuck over" and no better way to show how cold the world is by showing it in black and white!
mediakitdiego commented on the outline. on 01/27/2014. mediakitdiego made 2 other comments and 4 other changes. more
I think this is a really good start for the short...lets keep the preliminaries rolling

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