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Scene 1 Film Club Spring Semester Challenge #1

Main idea: Buddy Cop Silent Film in a Film Noir style

Davis and Smith are retired police officers who have turned to a life of Private Investigation, losing hope in the actual legal system. They get caught up in a case, where not everyone is as they seem

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INT. ext. airport
joshv311 commented on the outline. two years ago. more
This sounds good and I think with work and polishing this could be a very entertaining movie. I have questions that I would like to ask in person so I will wait till tomorrow at 10. Good job to the writers for establishing our thoughts to an understandable outline.
Mauchie commented on the outline. two years ago. more
My only issue with this is that we risk running out of time for so much to go on. If we restrict the film to only act 2 and leave the introduction of the crime and the capturing of the bad guy/gal out of the film and just imply what's going to happen, we can get a very clean short film that tells enough of the story that it makes sense, but doesn't require a lot of time to do so.

The Tarantino idea is good, but i feel that to truly do the style justice, we need a longer film format to work with (a 15-20 minute film as opposed to a 3-5 minute)
bjusher820 commented on the outline. two years ago. more
Script sounds good. I think we can work with a hateful 8 type situation were we see both sides. 1 scene shows the detective at work with the wife and ending with the investigation being declared a suicide while the next scene shows what had transpired before hand (Them killing the husband. With this, we can put both editors to work having them each work on the separate part. The first scene could have a mystery surreal type feeling while the next scene could be more action based (putting your strong suite to use). In short, we can make these scenes like Quentin Tarantino Chapters. We can also use music to add intensity to each scene by using Paul's audio skill. This is just a rough idea of what can be done but they are bound to change.

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